Latest news

Date Title
06 Jun 2022 Parentkind statement on parental eligibility for Free School Meals
30 May 2022 Ofsted's review of sexual abuse in schools - a Q&A webinar with Baroness Barran
24 May 2022 Keeping children safe in education - government proposes greater parental participation following consultation
20 May 2022 Parentkind and IAC webinar on exam reform, the future of assessment and how parents can get involved
12 May 2022 Statement from Parentkind CEO John Jolly on DFE’s increased funding for children and young people’s mental health
09 May 2022 Almost all parents say that SATs have a negative impact on children’s wellbeing
25 Apr 2022 Strong parental support for holding school admission appeals remotely
08 Apr 2022 Parentkind calls for Covid-19 Inquiry to include the pandemic’s devastating impact on family life and mental health
28 Mar 2022 Parentkind responds to government's "Parent Pledge"
25 Mar 2022 Exams and grading webinar discussion with Ofqual
03 Mar 2022 Parents strongly oppose fines for term-time absences
08 Feb 2022 Parents are unhappy about this year's exam process and support changing how young people are assessed
20 Jan 2022 Majority of parents welcome the dropping of face masks in schools
18 Jan 2022 No overall parental support for school Covid safety measures
15 Dec 2021 Almost half of parents question whether education is preparing their child for the workplace
03 Dec 2021 Parentkind Parent Voice Report demonstrates the negative impact financial pressures are having on both families and schools
26 Nov 2021 Parentkind and the National Governance Association produce new guidance for governors
18 Nov 2021 Parental concerns over bullying increase
16 Nov 2021 Parentkind’s mental health research raised in parliament
28 Oct 2021 Budget: how parents want additional education funding to be spent

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