Be School Ready

If your little one is gearing up to start primary school this September, we’re here to help you Be School Ready, and make this exciting journey smooth, fun, and full of learning. Or, if your child is starting secondary or post-primary school, check out our Be School Ready guide for secondary school starters below.

Welcome to one of the most exciting (and nerve-racking) parts of your parenting journey! We know there’s lots to do and remember in the lead up to their first day. That’s why our guide and online hub have all the information and advice your family needs during this exciting time. From emotional prep to playful learning activities at home, we’ve got tonnes of tips to get those bright young minds buzzing. Plus, we’re sharing scrumptious snack ideas to satisfy their appetites and savvy ways to save money as you prepare.

Be School Ready guide for parents

This guide is packed with information, tips and advice for parents whose children are starting school this September. 

Starting primary school

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How to talk to your child on their first day of school

Check out our blog, written with the help of Louisa Rose, CEO of youth mental health charity Beyond, which offers practical advice on how best to support your child as they start their new school, and what to do should any issues arise. 

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Webinars for navigating parenthood

From fussy eating to building independence, our expert-led Navigating Parenthood webinars can help with any challenges you may face in your parenting journey as your child starts school.

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What financial support can parents get? 

Juggling home and school life is tough for every parent, but there are some financial support options available. Find out what you could be entitled to.

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What I wish I knew…

We asked parents what they wish they knew before their little one started school — and now we’re sharing these insider tips with you to help you prepare! Check out what they said below.

What parents wish they knew

Practice makes perfect

Check out this video to see some key skills that can give your child a head start in the classroom! Teaching your little one a few practical self-care skills before school starts can make a big difference. Remember, it’s perfectly okay if they haven’t mastered all of these skills—each child is unique! But even learning just one or two of these before September can free up more time for teachers to focus on your child’s learning.

Snack and meal planner

We know it can be tricky to keep track of how much your child eats at school, especially when every family member has their own busy schedule. To help you out, we’ve teamed up with the fabulous Jenny Tschiesche, also known as the Lunchbox Doctor, and created a fun snack and meal bingo! This guide offers great ideas and advice on what to stock up on and prepare during those exciting first few weeks of school to make meal planning a breeze and keep those little tummies happy!

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Who’s who at school

Having clear and open communication with the school not only benefits your child, but it’ll make your life easier too. Asking questions, getting contact information and building relationships with staff are all things you can do before your child’s first day. 

Here’s some of the people you may come across.

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