Home and School

A positive and mutually respectful collaboration between home and school is the optimal environment for your child to have the best educational experience.

Bringing together home and school

Your child will ultimately do better, achieve more, and have a happier time if you are connected and involved in their school life. 

This can be either through involvement in school life. Our research tells us that even a small amount of involvement can have a positive impact on your child’s success at school. You will also benefit. Parents who volunteer with their school have more advocacy, more understanding of how a school runs and more connection to staff and other parents. In turn this means new friends, increased confidence and the personal satisfaction from offering your time and expertise.

Or via effective two-way communication. Knowing the best way to communicate with your school, whether for general queries or to raise a concern is key to building good relationships. Similarly knowing and engaging with the communications methods that the school uses to keep you informed is vital. 

Another way to be involved in school life is through using your parent voice, using your voice as a parent to make positive change happen for your school or on wider educational policy. Schools and parents working together can be a powerful combination. 

Finally, ensuring you support learning at home is an important way to commit to your child’s school and work alongside your child’s success.