Teacher pay announcement will be welcome news for parents

13 July 2023
Responding to the announcement from the Treasury that teachers will receive a 6.5% pay increase, Parentkind’s Chief Executive Jason Elsom says:

Parents’ views on this dispute have been remarkably stable – when polled they’ve said that they believe teachers should be paid a fair wage, and they supported teachers taking industrial action despite the inconvenience it caused for their family. Against this backdrop, we believe parents in England will welcome today’s announcement from HM Treasury that teachers will be offered the 6.5% pay increase recommended by the School Teachers Review Body.

Importantly, we welcome moves by government to ensure that this pay increase doesn’t have to come entirely from already squeezed school budgets, and it’s particularly positive that the Department for Education will consider teacher workload too. 

England’s children deserve a world-class education, and that relies upon fairly paid teachers, a properly funded education system and a close working relationship between home and school. Today’s news is a big step toward that.”