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Coronavirus (Covid-19) update: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, not all the ideas included in our Be School Ready pages will be relevant while social distancing measures are in place and school buildings are closed to the majority of children. Your child’s school will keep you updated as they continue to develop their plans for re-opening safely, and over the coming months we’ll be adding new blogs with tips and ideas from teachers, parents and other experts to help support you through these difficult and uncertain times.

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  • Being prepared as a parent
    It's not unusual for parents to feel anxious when their child starts primary school, so if you're feeling a bit wobbly about it all, that's ok. It is a big change and it will affect you all in some way. Read more here.
  • Preparing your child for school
    You can help your child look forward to school by removing the fear of the unknown. If they already go to nursery or pre-school the move up to 'big school' should be a bit easier, but in any case, knowing what to expect will help. Read more here.
  • Settling in and making friends
    Just as all children learn to read and write at their own pace, some will settle in at school and make friends more quickly than others. And you can't always second guess how your child will react. Read more here.
  • Starting school (the early days)
    When the big day finally arrives and you've taken steps to prepare your child with the practical and emotional skills they'll need, it's time to put that preparation to the test. Read more here.
  • Starting school tips from other parents
    If your little one starts primary school in September and you're feeling a bit emotional about it all, help is at hand! We asked our members to share their top tips for being prepared as a parent. Read more.

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