Making friends with other parents

Preparing your child to start primary school is one of the most exciting (and nerve-racking) parts of the parenting journey, and sharing these experiences with other parents while you’re going through it can make such a difference to your wellbeing. You may be focused on your little one making friends, but don’t forget your own social life too!

You’re not alone

It’s completely normal to have mixed emotions about your child starting school. A survey of 1,000 parents revealed that 69% felt anxious about it.

Thousands of parents go through the first day of school jitters every year, so you’re definitely not alone if that’s how you’re feeling! If you have friends or family who have been through this recently, try and find an opportunity to sit down with them for a cup of tea and a chat. Ask them about their experiences and if they have any good advice. It might be good for you to talk about your worries too – they do say a problem shared is a problem halved’.

Finding the right balance

Balancing your child’s social life with your own can feel a teensy bit hectic at times. Try doubling up adult and child play dates at parks, soft play areas, sports activities and cafés. This allows the parents to talk while the children have something fun to do.

It’s also important to make time to socialise without your child if you can. If you aren’t able to arrange childcare, consider inviting someone to your home while your child is in bed.

Making new school friends

It’s not just children who thrive on making new school friends. Check if there’s a parent Facebook or WhatsApp group for your school that you can join, or be brave and make some introductions at your child’s school induction days.

Volunteering for your PTA is another great way to meet other parents from the school and get more involved with your school community, all while enriching your child’s education.

What is a PTA?

They can go under different names, such as Parents Association’, Friends of’ and Home and School Association’. But what all PTAs have in common is the goal of working together to make their school an amazing place for children to learn.

PTAs do lots of incredible things, such as:

  • Raise funds to support the school
  • Organise events
  • Create stronger links between parents and the school
  • Bring the wider local community together

PTAs are always looking for volunteers. Whether it’s coming up with fun ideas, calling out questions on a quiz night, or creating social media posts, there are so many ways you can help. Plus, volunteering doesn’t have to be a weekly or even a monthly commitment. If you can help out for just one event, it would make all the difference to your PTA, your school, your child’s education – and your social calendar!