16+ After GCSEs

Children can no longer leave education at 16, however they don’t have to stay in the school system.

While some may choose to remain in the familiar environment of the school sixth form to study A Levels, many young people prefer to continue their studies at a sixth form or further education (FE) college or start a work-based training qualification such as an apprenticeship or NVQ. 

Whatever your child chooses, and despite the fact they’re now a young adult, they’re still going to need your support and encouragement as they take their next steps. 

Your child’s school will have information on all the options available, what grades are needed and how to apply. Bear in mind that even if your child’s school has a sixth form, your child isn’t guaranteed a place to study A Levels. They’ll still have to get the required grades in the subjects they want to study. 

We’ve pulled together information on the main education settings and qualifications that are out there in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so that together, you can make an informed decision on what happens next.