Annual Return results are in!

18 February 2019
The results of our Annual Return survey are in, and they really do demonstrate what an incredible force for good you all are in schools throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A piece in the Sunday Times (Sunday 17th February) praises the work of the Parent Army’ and highlights the huge impact that you as parent volunteers are having in our schools. This article is based on the findings taken from over 1,000 of your responses to our Annual Return.

We cannot emphasise how very proud we are of all our member PTAs — your ongoing commitment and hard work and the difference you make to the children in your school. We are sure that you will be too.


Here are some of the highlights of our survey, but why not download our infographic and share it at your school!

  • Each year PTAs raise an average of £8,030
  • 26% of PTAs have managed to raise £10,000 or more in the last financial year
  • You accumulated 3.65 million hours of volunteering time between you last year, which equates to over £28.5 million (based on the hourly minimum wage) worth of work for your schools
  • The most financially successful event (47%) is the summer fair 
  • 48% of PTA committees include both men and women
  • When asked if relations between your PTA and school were positive, 94% of you voted favourably
  • 85% of you rated your PTA membership by Parentkind as good or excellent

We are committed to supporting you to continue with your fabulous work, and help spread the news of the value of PTAs and all you can, and do, achieve!