Non-event fundraising ideas

PTAs Fundraising
05 March 2020
When is an event not an event? When it’s a non-event! If volunteers are in short supply at the minute, or you just fancy trying something different, give these ideas a go:

Money for nothing

Online shopping can take a while to take off, but once parents are signed up and in the habit of using your chosen shopping platform (like our approved supplier easyfundraising), all you need to do is send out regular reminders and watch the money roll in.

There’s absolutely no catch, goods and services don’t cost any extra, thousands of well-known high street and online brands take part, and your PTA or Friends association receives a % of what parents spend. What’s not to like?

Organise a Big Night In

Bear with us on this one, because although it might sound unlikely, it can work really well… A Big Night In event involves selling tickets for families to stay at home. There are lots of ways you can promote this, but the main thing you need to get across is that this is a really inclusive event and it’s as cheap and easy for families to take part as it is for your PTA to arrange. Here’s how it works:

  • Pick a theme or an event, for example a games night, movie night, pyjama party, final of a TV talent show, televised event e.g. Eurovision song contest or a sporting event
  • You could suggest families get together if they want to, or arrange to link up on the night in a Facebook/​Whats App group
  • Use our posters to spread the word

Put parents in the picture

Telling your PTA story can help other parents to empathise with your group and value the contribution your PTA makes to the school, and that makes them more likely to donate or offer to help.

Think about why you support the PTA, ask the school what the PTA means to them and talk to the children about some of the events you’ve put on and equipment you’ve funded. Share these stories (with photos if possible) in a newsletter and create an online donation page to make it easy for parents to give.

For more inspiration and ideas, visit the Parentkind Advice Hub.