Parent Insight Panel

Welcome to our Parent Insight Panel! 

Do you believe parent voice needs to be heard more in UK education policy? If so, why not sign up to be part of our panel? 

We want to hear from you about the issues that really matter to parents, and have created a series of surveys to gauge your opinions on topics such as the curriculum, homework and behaviour polices, in order to build evidence so that we can respond on your behalf to policymakers. 

By signing up and completing the surveys that we send you, you could help steer education in the UK! 

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Why create a Parent Insight Panel?

In December 2018, we launched our Parent Insight Panel (PIP) to reinforce our aims of ensuring that parent voice is heard in education policy discussions, because we believe parents are the key stakeholder in education. See more about our strategy.

Who can take part?

The PIP is open to all parents with at least one school-aged child attending school or receiving an education outside of a school setting (such as home-schooling) in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. There is no requirement for participants to be a Parentkind member or involved in their school's PTA or parent council. If you know a parent who would like to have more of a say in education, please share the link to this page with them. 

What does subscribing to the PIP involve?

Each survey will take between five and ten minutes to complete. Once signed up, parents will receive an email from us every month or two inviting them to click on a link and take part. Each survey will cover a particular topic, and over time we'll ask about a wide range of education issues that directly impact upon parents, for example, curriculum, uniforms, homework, behaviour policies, Ofsted and opportunities in school for parental engagement. We encourage participants to have their say on as many topics as they can to provide the widest possible sample of parent voice on every subject. Responses will be anonymous.

How does the PIP fit in with other Parentkind research?

We also undertake larger surveys with a different panel of respondents such as our Annual Parent Surveys, as well as less regular research such as the Teacher Survey 2017. For these, fieldwork is conducted on our behalf by research agencies. The PIP is our in-house panel of parents, with the advantage that we can quickly measure parent voice on hot topics of the day, rather than wait for our larger annual survey to come round. 

How will the PIP survey results be used?

Through regularly sending our contributors surveys on a wide range of education topics, we will build our research and gather evidence of what parents think about education issues that matter to them. Putting questions to our PIP enables us to present tangible data on parent voice and amplify it when responding to consultations or influencing parents, teachers, schools and education policymakers.

How will participants know what impact they have?

We will regularly update the news section of our website with summaries of how we have responded to consultations or otherwise amplified parent voice in education policy decision-making. We will email our PIP subscribers with a link to the summaries each time we publish one, so that they know how their responses have been used.

Want to take part?

We are currently recruiting panel members. Want to contribute your views? Join our Parent Insight Panel.

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