Protecting our children from air pollution

Rachael Dillon
23 November 2017
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Schools are encouraged to proactively reduce health risks from air pollution. But what role can parents play to protect their child?

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Part two: rebuilding the PFA at St Peter & St Paul CE Academy

Tyson Oliver
17 November 2017
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It's been a long journey but two terms have changed the whole ethos of the PFA, although this term has not been without it trials and tribulations. The PFA is making a positive contribution to school life, the pupils and the PFA committee members.

What's happened this term? Like my previous blog, too much to mention...

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Secrets of an unforgettable Quiz Night

Alan Jones
06 November 2017
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With the nights drawing in, a Quiz Night is a timely fundraising event for your school. Some people might be daunted at the prospect of running a quiz, but don't be! Here's the secrets to an unforgettable quiz.

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Who do PTA funds belong to?

Clare Jenner
30 October 2017
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School funding cuts are big news at the minute and we've noticed an increase in queries around PTA funds - who do they belong to and who makes the decisions on how they are spent?

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How to encourage daily physical activity in children

Amy Hallissey
26 October 2017
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Has your child's school implemented the Daily Mile yet? Check out the amazing benefits of introducing this simple idea.

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