Empowering Parents: Navigating Autism with Knowledge and Support

Parents Inclusion
02 April 2024
Greetings from BeyondAutism, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring autistic children and young adults access an education which empowers a life full of choice, independence, and opportunity.

It’s World Autism Acceptance Week and we’re excited to contribute to Parentkind’s platform and share one of our most valuable resources for parents.

In light of current autism diagnostic wait times, with over a quarter of individuals waiting up to three years, we recognised a critical gap in support, particularly for parents and carers waiting on a diagnosis for their child. To address this gap and empower parents during what can often be a daunting diagnostic journey, we recently launched our Resource Hub, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The new platform features over thirty free to access, easily digestible, fact sheets and videos on topics hand picked by parents just like you, with targeted autism resources tailored to your specific needs. This includes: 

  • Comprehensive guidance: From understanding Educational Health Care Plans (EHCPs), to decoding autism diagnoses, we can help you navigate the system effectively. 
  • Practical tips: Including practical advice for self-help, safety skills, strategies for developing independent play, toileting, family holidays and much more. 
  • Communication insights: Gain a deeper understanding of autism communication and learn about alternative communication tools and visual support. 
  • Everyday challenges: Our real-world examples and applications help parents tackle the day-to-day with confidence and resilience. 

Explore our full resource hub and all its applications here.

As we celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week, we’re delighted to work alongside communities like Parentkind, who are committed to amplifying parental voices in education. 

Find out more about how you can participate in World Autism Acceptance Week and help other parents along their journey.