Are you a member of a PTA, or a parent who wants your school to benefit from using Cress? 

See below the ways we work with schools, benefitting the schools and parents.

Raise Money for the PTA using our Golden Service

Our golden service is the most popular service we offer here at Cress and a service that we currently work with PTA’s on. This involves parents bringing in their unwanted children’s clothes and items into school. These can sit in a big box in reception (or you could even create a big class competition to see who fills their box quickest). Once you are happy with the amount of products you have – send them to us and we’ll do the rest. We’ll sort, steam, photograph, and upload the products onto our marketplace under your school’s shop.’ Once they sell, the PTA will receive 60% of the sale. This is a fantastic way to raise extra funds for your school, whilst contributing to the circular economy. What’s more, it’s a great project to get the children in the school involved with, that triggers conversations around sustainability and reusing items that still have plenty of life left. What’s more, all of our golden service sales include a free book as part of our promoting literacy’ initiative.

Commission free school Uniform:

Many parents struggle with the cost of school uniforms, leading to financial stress. Additionally, discarded uniforms contribute to environmental waste.

We know that there are existing swap shops within schools, but these are rarely used and, unfortunately, still carry a stigma of wearing someone else’s clothes. We are here to offer a solution. 

We offer commission-free selling for schools to upload preloved uniform and school equipment. The school can sell on at a price they feel is appropriate whilst retaining 100% of the sale. What’s more, if some items do not have the school logo, they can reach a national audience of parents.

Commission-free school uniform is a Cress initiative we are incredibly proud of, and it is close to our heart. Let’s keep all children in a comfy, warm uniform that fits without breaking the bank. 

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