Parent webinar: Ofsted’s Big Listen — your chance to have your say

Watch this engaging and informative webinar with Sir Martyn Oliver, His Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Ofsted, where he answers your questions on a variety of topics including Ofsted inspections, Special Education Needs, food provision in schools and more.

On 22nd May 2024, we hosted an engaging and informative webinar with Ofsted’s new His Majesty’s Chief Inspector as part of Ofsted’s Big Listen campaign.

Parents were invited to submit their Ofsted-related questions, provide valuable feedback and play a vital role in shaping how Ofsted approaches its work.

Webinar panel

Frank Young, the Director of Policy and Research at Parentkind, poses your questions to Sir Martyn Oliver.

Sir Martyn Oliver was appointed His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools and Children’s Services in 2023, he leads Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) and is responsible for Ofsted inspection of schools. Before joining Ofsted, Sir Martyn was chief executive of a large multi academy trust in the north of England, prior to this he was a school head and a teacher.

As chief inspector, Sir Martyn is responsible for ensuring that Ofsted inspects schools and reporting back on the quality of education delivered in schools using information and data from school inspections across England.

Frank Young is Director of Policy and Research at Parentkind, the network of PTA fundraisers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Parentkind represent parent voice and champion the role of parents in education, working with schools, parents and policy makers to support every child to thrive and reach their potential. Frank leads on parent voice and ensuring it is heard in the corridors of power. Prior to joining Parentkind, Frank worked for a number of Westminster based think tanks. He lives in Surrey with his son and wife, who is a teacher at a local school. 

In 2022 Frank was appointed by the Secretary of State for Education to sit on the board of Ofsted as a Non-executive Director.