Help Shape an Education System Fit for the Future webinar

Use your parent voice and join us on 28 November 2023 for an engaging webinar with the Foundation for Education Development (FED), shaping the future of education policy in England.

Your voice matters in shaping the future of education policy in England. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to have your say and make a real impact.

Join us on Tuesday 28 November as we host an engaging webinar featuring the Foundation for Education Development (FED). Hear firsthand about FED’s proposals for a more inclusive, informed, and long-term approach to education policymaking. This is your chance to discuss these proposals, provide valuable feedback, and play a crucial role in shaping the education system for the benefit of all students.

Webinar details

  • Title: Use Your Parent Voice: Help Shape an Education System Fit for the Future
  • Where: Zoom (online)
  • Date: Tuesday 28th November 2023
  • Time: 7.30pm‑8.30pm

In this webinar, the Chair of the FED, Carl Ward, and FED Executive member, Jo Malone, will share with you the FED’s proposals for more inclusive, informed, long-term policy-making for education in England.

We invite you to listen to the proposals, to discuss them, and to give feedback to inform future planning. The FED believes that the parent/​carer voice is not currently given the space and gravitas that it should when it comes to shaping the future of education.

Together, let’s ensure that the parent voice is heard loud and clear in the future of education. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference.

Can’t make it to the session? No worries! Register anyway and you’ll receive the recorded version of the webinar. 

Carl is Chief Executive of the City Learning Trust; a 3 to 19 Academy Trust in Staffordshire. He is also Chair of the Foundation for Education Development (FED). He has regional, national and international experience in education strategy, leadership development and school to school improvement.

Jo is passionate about the transformative power of education and combatting inequalities across the system. She is an independent education consultant mainly working on education policy in the FED executive team. Jo has extensive global education experience, from her decade at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, as well as a solid understanding of the English education system.

For the FED Jo led the 2022 and 2023 national consultations and co-authored the subsequent reports. In addition, she leads the FED’s work on climate change & sustainability and its work with the OECD on Education for Human Flourishing.

Siân Lewis is Head of Parent Participation at Parentkind, the network of PTA fundraisers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Parentkind represent parent voice and champion the role of parents in education, working with schools, parents and policy makers to support every child to thrive and reach their potential. Siân’s focus, through a suite of training, tools, information, advice, surveys, partnerships and resources, is to support schools to embed effective parental participation and parents to be involved and engaged in education and school life.

About FED

The FED is dedicated to the belief that long-term strategic education planning is vital to the success of the country and its people. In the spirit of collaboration, the FED provides an independent and neutral space for stakeholders to help shape the future of education.

In 2023, FED completed a 3‑year consultation about the English Education System, the biggest qualitative consultation ever undertaken on education in England. Read the National Education Consultation 2023 Report here.

In this report, you will find our analysis of the current situation and our proposals for how policymaking should change if we want an education system which is fit for the future, meets the needs of ALL learners and puts flourishing at the heart of the system.