Parents: what you need to know about Hwb

17 September, 2020 : 16:29
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How can parents access Hwb?

Hwb is a website: click here from your device to gain access.

Every learner in a maintained school in Wales has a Hwb account created for them when they start school: parents should speak to their child’s school to receive the account login details. Once logged in, learners have access to world-class technology, for free, including the latest Microsoft Office tools, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, as well as others tools such as Just2easy, Google for Education and Adobe Spark.

The Hwb platform also provides free access to the Encyclopaedia Britannica online where learners can research any topic in a safe and secure online environment. Learners can also use ImageQuest through Hwb, where they can choose from hundreds of copyright-free images to use in their school work.

How are my child’s school using Hwb?

Hwb is used in different ways by different schools. Teachers can set up virtual classrooms and use applications like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams to set questions and see all the answers. They can use Hwb tools and resources to make lessons and set work. Resources are available by age group across all subject areas.

You should contact your child’s school if you would like to know more about how they use Hwb, or if you need your child’s Hwb login details.

How can parents get help with digital resources?

There are a number of resources available on Hwb which parents can access without needing to login first. The “Keeping safe online” zone has a parents and carers area full of videos and guides to support families to stay safe online. Hwb also provides access to hundreds of resources to support teaching and learning.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have created a dedicated Distance Learning support area which has guidance, support and links to resources put in place specifically to support parents and carers. The distance-learning resources can be accessed through links on Hwb’s home page, or by visiting Parents will find videos demonstrating how to use the Hwb tools, as well as information on learning materials they can use at home.

How do parents download the free software?

Once logged in to Hwb, learners will see a number of ‘tiles’ on their homepage, which link through to online versions of:

  • Adobe Spark
  • Google for Education
  • Just2easy
  • Microsoft Office

In addition, with their Hwb login learners can download and install the latest Microsoft Office tools including Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as Minecraft: Education Edition at no cost on up to 15 devices.

We work closely with schools and we are seeing increased usage of the Hwb platform, so it is important to us that parents feel supported to use Hwb with their children. We hope you will find the support materials on Hwb of value and we welcome feedback, all of which helps us to keep Wales learning.

Hwb Service Desk

Telephone: 03000 25 25 25

e-mail: Hwb

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Hwb is a bilingual collection of online tools created by the Welsh Government for every learner in maintained schools. It's home to free apps and software, virtual classrooms, and a massive bank of resources for use in the classroom or online with learners.

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