Five-Minute Marvels: Ridgeway Primary’s roaring raffle riches

Community Involvement Fundraising England
14 June 2021
They might have been newcomers to the Big PTA Summer Raffle, but Ridgeway C of E Primary School are showing us how it’s done – find out how they sold over £600 of tickets in just three days…

Who are they?

Set in Wantage, Oxfordshire, Ridgeway C of E is a small village primary with a cohort of 90 pupils. Their PTA is chaired by Jennifer Casey, who tells us that despite trying a variety of new things to raise money during lockdown, they have struggled to raise substantial funds. 

What did they do?

The PTA decided to take the plunge, and register for the Big PTA Summer Raffle in 2021. It was their first time taking part, and it promised something different to their traditional fundraising activities; with 12 chances for parents to win £5,000, it promised to give back, whilst still supporting the school – a win-win for everybody. 

How did they do it?

After the simple signup, Jennifer wanted to make the most of it, and promoted the raffle through several different channels. She sent out regular information and updates to parents on their dedicated WhatsApp group, keeping track of tickets purchased, and encouraging them to get involved! Jennifer also made use of the parent-centric social network Classlist, whilst the Headteacher offered her support by promoting the raffle in the school newsletter.

But Jennifer didn’t stop there – she posted on the village’s local Facebook group, and would personally network with members of the community; they’d often stop her in the street to let her know they’d bought their tickets! Word spread, friends and family shared the event online, and the ball kept on rolling.

How did it go?

Thanks to a small but mighty PTA, Ridgeway School raised over £600 from ticket sales in just three days! The funds are helping to support academic and wellbeing projects for the children, such as virtual Street Dance classes to support pupils’ mental health, and improvements to the school’s outdoor garden spaces.

With their amazing ticket sales, Ridgeway became one of the leading PTAs taking part in our Big PTA Summer Raffle. We can’t congratulate them enough, and we wish Ridgeway Primary and their PTA the best of luck with the Big PTA Summer Raffle in 2021!

With thanks to Jennifer Casey, Chairperson of Ridgeway Primary School PTCA