Statement from Parentkind CEO John Jolly on DFE’s increased funding for children and young people’s mental health

12 May 2022
Following an announcement today, Thursday 12th May that the Department for Education has committed to spending an additional £10m on training for mental health professionals in schools and colleges, Parentkind’s chief executive, John Jolly said:

Parents have been telling us for some time that mental ill-health is a serious and growing problem for their young people. Every year, we poll thousands of parents and ask them about the issues affecting their family – our Annual Parent Survey in 2021 showed that mental health and wellbeing were a priority for nearly nine in ten parents. What’s more, having mental health workers embedded in every school was the most popular suggested solution, gaining the backing of 34% of parents polled. Today’s announcement from the government speaks directly to this need for integrated mental health support, available in a timely manner.

Parentkind welcomes this move, but our interactions with parents suggest that more will need to be done. This proposal will support the provision of crucial mental health support in schools and provide well-trained specialists on the ground where they’re needed most. That said, this is a complex issue that doesn’t have a single magic solution and we’ll continue to work with parents to monitor their experience of the impact of poor mental health and wellbeing in young people. When government is making these kinds of decisions, it’s imperative that parents have a seat at the table.”