Parentkind provides feedback on new parental engagement guidance for schools

29 January 2019
The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has recently published new guidance called Working With Parents to Support Children’s Learning.

Parentkind was one of a number of stakeholders involved in parents and education to provide the EEF with feedback and advice during the writing process. The document is designed for teachers and schools to equip them with all of the best evidence-based methods to engage as large a sample of their parent community as possible, particularly parents of disadvantaged backgrounds who are often the most resistant to coming into school.

Explaining why the guidance is important, Sir Kevan Collins, the Chief Executive of the EEF, said, We know that levels of parental engagement are consistently associated with children’s academic outcomes. We also know that a parent’s job, education and income matters less to their child’s development than what they actually do with them… That is why we’ve produced this guidance report. It offers primary and secondary schools four clear and actionable recommendations on working with parents so that they can support their child’s learning at home. We hope it helps support an evidence-informed approach to working with parents.

For some great ideas and resources for schools to engage parents, see Parentkind’s Schools section including training courses for schools and Parent Council membership. 

If you think it would be useful for the leadership at your child’s school, download a free copy of the EEF’s Working With Parents to Support Learning.