Parentkind and the National Governance Association produce new guidance for governors

26 November 2021
In sharing our expertise and insights, this new guidance gives crucial advice on effective governance when it comes to engaging with parents and carers.

Download the guidance now for more information:

Engaging with parents & carers, a guide for governing boards

It presents stakeholder engagement as integral to school success and parents as key stakeholders who offer valuable insights, additions and benefits.

With this resource and support, governors can consider how to effectively implement a policy and strategy in their schools. In so doing, they will reap the enormous benefits that a diverse, included and engaged parent voice will bring to education, to school and community life and to meeting the full potential of all young people.

During the COVID pandemic, schools demonstrated how they are such an important part of family life and the local community; many governing boards are reporting how the school’s credibility has grown amongst parents. National Governance Association research shows that while many boards are proactive in obtaining the experiences and views of parents, this is not yet universal. Engaging stakeholders should be a cornerstone of good governance; boards need to understand the range of perceptions of stakeholders when making decisions. This guidance produced with Parentkind, the experts in the field, should support trusts and schools to improve this practice building on the goodwill and interest of parents as communities open up again.

Emma Knights, Chief Executive, National Governance Association

Collaborating with the NGA on this project has been rewarding and fruitful. The joint guidance resulting from this partnership provides governing boards with advice for effective governance when it comes to engaging with their diverse parent communities. Just as crucially, they will understand the power of parental participation in both helping to create a welcoming school culture and climate whilst giving every pupil the opportunity to reach their potential. Parents and carers want to participate in school life and play an active role in their children’s education, make meaningful contributions and have their voices heard. All of this can be achieved by adopting Parentkind’s Blueprint for Parent-Friendly Schools, which will help governing boards to overcome any remaining barriers to engagement and ensure that every parent is on board.

John Jolly, Chief Executive, Parentkind

For further information see NGA’s blog for Parentkind here.