Parentkind and IAC webinar on exam reform, the future of assessment and how parents can get involved

20 May 2022
There is a growing consensus that the current assessment system is not equipping young people with the wider skills they need for the workplace or progression into further and higher education.

If you’re a parent in England with questions or concerns about how children are currently assessed from the age of sixteen, and want to hear ideas about how the system could be improved, then this webinar is for you.

It features Kerry-Jane Packman, the Executive Director of Programmes, Membership and Charitable Services at Parentkind in conversation with Professor Louise Hayward, the chair of the Independent Assessment Commission, or IAC.

Louise Hayward speaks about how the IAC recently concluded a year’s research and work on the future of England’s Assessment System, producing the New ERA (Equitable, Reliable, Assessment) report which has ten recommendations for fundamental changes and an end to the high stakes” nature of assessment. She outlines what a fairer, more reliable and equitable assessment system of tomorrow could look like.

The webinar also features a Q&A session with parents, who had the opportunity to ask the IAC about their recommendations for the future of assessment.

See the full report recently published by the IAC Findings: New Era Assessment.