So long, farewell!

Parents Education Communications
10 June 2020
Steph Barclay
Steph Barclay is Marketing and Communications Executive at Parentkind 
Around the country, we’re hearing wonderful stories of kindness, care and people going out of their way for others.

Teachers have been putting themselves on the front line, risking the health of themselves and their families, to help look after their school communities. 

The end of the school year won’t look the same as it has done in past years, but we know that children leaving primary school will still be keen to show their appreciation, whether they’re in school for the last weeks or not. We’ve put together some low-cost ideas for saying thank you and goodbye to teachers and other school staff. 

(Virtual) school photo

If you aren’t in school all together at the end of term, why not set up a virtual school photo. If you have a class WhatsApp or Facebook group they could all be sent to one person to edit together. They could be arranged around a message from the class in the middle. Be sure to specify if you need landscape or portrait photos and any other requirements. You could then even print it on a card or mug for your teacher to keep!


With TikTok videos a popular lock down past time, communities have been coming together during lockdown and creating some really fun and innovative group videos! The teaching staff at Towcester Primary School made a video of them singing Stronger Together’ and as a lovely response the PTA organised a video from pupils and families. See how they got on here..

Drawings and photos of lockdown memories

The creative streak has definitely been released in many young people over the last few months. Ask class members to send in photos, artwork and crafts that can be made into a photobook or scrap book for your teacher. Although many are back at school, teachers will have missed seeing all their students each day so this is a great way to leave them with some fun memories.

Keep it simple

Why not make a card and post it to your teachers? We know they like the personal touch and hearing from each child individually. 

Decorate the school gate

You could send a template out to all pupils, for example a heart, star or rainbow and ask for them to be decorated with a personal message written on them. These could then be tied to the school gate or entrance as a lovely surprise for teachers!

Club together to buy gifts

One idea could include a hamper or gift card from a local company, who will appreciate the support like local gin/​beer/​wine producers, sweet treats and scents. Have a look here for some fun gift ideas.