Is your PTA holding out for a hero?

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06 July 2021
Becky Coleman
Becky Coleman is Senior Community Fundraising Manager for easyfundraising. 
Not all heroes wear capes – in fact Teresa Banks doesn’t wear one (as far as we know!) but that didn’t stop her being crowned the easyfundraising Hero in the recent National PTA Awards.

Teresa is the treasurer of Holy Trinity Primary School Friends, Bristol and was awarded the title after she took over her PTA’s dormant easyfundraising account and gave it a new lease of life.

Here’s how she did it:

As treasurer and knowing how important the money is to supporting our school, I took on the role of championing easyfundraising. I discovered that the old committee had an easyfundraising account and I applied to get the account administration transferred to me.

I realised that if we could get the families involved in using it, we could raise a significant amount of money for the school. I found the easyfundraising website had loads of tools to help get the message out, with pre-written emails ready to send to parents, pictures and website additions.

I convinced a local printer to use one of the free templates to print business cards to distribute to all the children at school to take home and I also added one of the banner images to our new website.

This all helped to raise the profile of easyfundraising with parents. We have seen a steady increase in the number of users and donations and have gone from earning the odd £10 every so often, to £60 this quarter. For a small primary school, this is an amazing achievement!

Because we haven’t been able to plan as many of our usual events, this has been a great way to get much-needed money for the school. I will continue to champion it…and hopefully not annoy too many people by going on and on about it in meetings!”

Your PTA can be a fundraising hero too

A free, and easy way of creating additional funds for your school, easyfundraising can help re-energise your fundraising efforts, so you can hit the ground running ready for the new school year. By parents and supporters shopping online, your school can start generating additional funds to complement your existing fundraising activities. If your school isn’t registered, sign up now to start your easyfundraising journey:

Already registered? Make the most of the free marketing tools that Teresa used. You’ll find them and lots more here.

If you would like to take over your PTA’s easyfundraising account from a previous committee member, simply email the easyfundraising team at [email protected]