How to crack your comms with a PTA Generic Email Address

PTAs Communications Engagement
17 May 2022
We’ve all been there: you open up your emails, you search through your inbox, but you just can’t find that one reply you’ve been waiting for.

Maybe it’s lost amongst your other emails, gone to your Secretary’s inbox, or one of your committee members, which means firing off messages and taking time out of your busy day just to find one email.

That’s where a Generic Email Address comes in.

What is a Generic Email Address? Basically, it’s an email address which can be used by as many of your committee members as you like. It means that all of your PTA communications can come and go from one point, streamlining your workflow, and ensuring that nothing gets missed.

Why have a Generic Email Address?

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Helps you manage incoming emails
  • Easy for your parents to remember – they’ll know exactly how to contact you
  • Cuts out the school office as the middle man’ – they’ve got enough on their plate already
  • Can be accessed by multiple users, spreading the work more evenly
  • Streamlines communications to your parents, school, and more
  • Helps you communicate with external businesses and suppliers
  • Can increase your reach and engagement
  • Separates your personal and PTA emails
  • Makes it really easy to handover to new committee members

How can I set up a Generic Email Address?

You can set up a Generic Email Address through any email provider. Stick to one you know well — the most popular are Gmail and Outlook. Try to choose a recognisable address – keep it short, snappy, and clear. If your association brands itself with an acronym, try incorporating that into the address:

  • PTAName@…
  • YourSchoolPTA@…
  • FriendsOfSchool@…

Your school may have its own email system, so consider speaking to the school office about setting up your Generic Email Address. Always keep GDPR guidelines in mind, as the school’s guidelines may differ from those of your association, and ensure that the account is going to be easily accessible by the committee.

After setting up your Generic Email Address, make sure that everybody you want to use it is able to access the account. We would recommend limiting the admin use of this email address to your committee members. You should also consider changing the password for this email address when committee members leave and join the association, so that only your current committee can access the account.

Does this mean I have to change my Parentkind login?

Not at all! Please continue to use your individual emails to sign up and login to the Parentkind Website and My Account areas.

Where a Generic Email Address is really handy is in receiving our newsletters, updates, and more, all in one place! 

So get out there, and boost your comms! #PTAPower

Does your PTA use a generic email address? Tell us about your experiences of using it by emailing [email protected]