Chesterton Community College shoot more of what they love thanks to easyfundraising

PTAs Fundraising
09 December 2021
As the lucky winners of easyfundraising’s latest competition, they’ve managed to secure themselves £500 to spend at John Lewis for their Photography department.

Rebecca Butler, Head of Photography, commented, We are so excited to be spending £500 thanks to easyfundraising and Parentkind on a new camera and lens for the Photography department. We teach GCSE photography to 50+ students, and we currently only have four working DSLR cameras. By having an extra camera, students will be able to work more independently and develop their own ideas in a more natural flow and way of working.”

Budding photographers will also get the opportunity to take their new love outside of the classroom too. Rebecca continued, Having an extra camera also means our more disadvantaged students can borrow our older cameras to take shots during the weekend and evenings. The majority of our students do not have access to cameras or the latest smartphone at home, so this will allow them to experience shoots outside of the school environment and become more independent photographers.”

Chesterton PTA has taken advantage of competitions like this because they are registered with online fundraisers, easyfundraising. Making every online purchase mean more; Chesterton PTA and 1000s of other PTAs across the UK earn free donations when parents, volunteers, and supporters shop online at over 6,000 retailers. PTA member Sheila Ceccarelli commented, easyfundraising is fun and, yes, easy! Our PTA has now raised a whopping £1,862, which we have spent valuable projects and resources to enrich our students’ experiences both in and outside of the classroom.”

Supporting valuable school clubs to teacher requests; easyfundraising is a free and easy way of PTAs raising valuable funds for their school throughout the year. Sheila continued, easyfundraising is easy to use, and parents can easily participate in raising funds with very little hassle. We’ve also had excellent help from the easyfundraising support team where we’ve picked up some top tips like refer a friend’ and participating in seasonal competitions like the Spin to Win and the Advent Calendar.”

If your PTA is looking for a free and easy way of raising funds for its school, then easyfundraising is for you. Over 6,000 online retailers are waiting to give your PTA free donations every time parents, volunteers, and supporters shop with them. It’s free for you and your school community and can add to your fundraising efforts with very little effort and maintenance.