Celebrate your 2023 successes and your PTA’s impact

26 June 2024
It’s that time of year when we’re asking our members to share what they were up to last year, so we’ve brought together some of the incredible stories you’ve shared with us already!

It might odd to think about the winter whilst we’re having this warm weather, but cast your mind back to the beginning of 2023, when Parentkind collaborated with Iceland to bring you a series of School Supper Clubs. In January and February over 200 (SCHOOLS) applied for the initiative, and here’s the story from just one of those:

Head Teacher at Malpas Alport Primary School, Nicola Wetton, said: We were delighted to have supported our local community through this initiative from Iceland and Parentkind, during what is a very difficult year financially. To be able to come together as a community and have a hot meal in a warm place is vital for many families and individuals.”

We do love to collaborate, as we believe this helps PTAs make the biggest impact in their school communities. One of our longest-standing partnerships is with easyfundraising and this is a low-maintenance way to raise money. 

Fiona from Friends of Reed’s School shared their success with us – they’ve raised over £10,000 with this easy-to-use fundraiser! Fiona shared her top tips with us:

  • Use face-to-face communication – talk to people and talk them through the process of signing up. Even if you can’t demo on a screen, show them pictures of what they’re going to see
  • Reassure people — tell them that there’s no catch and that their data won’t be shared. I did an FAQ to take all of those barriers out
  • Be a cheerleader — keep awareness high and don’t let people forget about it. Also, remember to celebrate people – really celebrate them by naming them

Our question to PTAs is How was your 2023?’ and for many PTAs the year was overshadowed by the cost of living crisis. We were delighted to honour Clowne Infant and Nursery PTA with the National PTA of the Year Award for their sponsorship scheme, which enabled families who were struggling to allow their child to participate in events such as the Halloween disco and Christmas fair.

This… built trust with parents so that children who may have previously missed out on events were now included. Parents came forward to thank the school and PTA for this initiative as it alleviated the burden on them, while allowing every child to participate in the school community events.”

Clowne Infant and Nursery PTA team

We are looking forward to hearing about the extraordinary ways you’ve supported your local community – pop the kettle on and fill in your Annual Member Survey! This will help us demonstrate impact to external partners and gain fundraising opportunities for you.