Be School Ready

The PTA Welcome Pack programme will return for it's fourth year in 2018, bigger and better than ever, so watch this space for updates!

Welcome packs are part of our wider Be School Ready campaign, which helps encourage parents to have a voice in strengthening their children’s education. The first day of school can be just as daunting for parents as children. 

Getting involved in a PTA is a fantastic opportunity to feel part of the school community, so we also gave out Welcome Packs, now available to download, to help PTAs introduce themselves to new parents.

Father's Day

We know that more dads want to get involved in their child's school life.  So we took the opportunity of Fathers' Day to celebrate the importance of dads, step-dads, grandads and other father figures in supporting their children's education at school and at home.  

Check out the section for quizzes, blogs, articles and suggestions for involving dads in the PTAs plus some cheeky social media memes!