Booker / Makro Q&As

If you're taking up the exclusive benefit of opening an account with Booker / Makro, you may have a few questions in mind before registering.

Working with Booker, we've put together a list of Q&As to put you fully in the picture.

If you have any further questions, you can find the contact details below. If you're ready to take up the Booker offer, visit Booker to register and the Parentkind Booker registration page to tell us your 9-digit Booker account number.

Why is Parentkind working with Booker and Makro?

Booker/Makro stores are national, ensuring the majority of our members will have a local or accessible branch. Each store stocks a wide selection of products which PTAs need for their catering at every event from summer and Christmas fairs through to discos and Halloween parties.

What sort of budget do Booker/Makro cater for?

The wide range of products ensure that the stores can meet the needs of any price range from economy through to premium.

What documents do I need when registering or collecting my card?

Parentkind members have been exempted from the usual registration process so no paperwork is required.

Resolving any card collection issues

This is a new scheme and we have worked hard to make sure the registration and card collection process is as simple as possible. This has included briefing all of the Booker and Makro staff of our special arrangements; however, there can be occasional issues. If you experience any problems when collecting your card, or the branch manager requests the documentation they usually ask for, e.g. utility bill, business invoice or bank statement, please advise the manager that you have registered as part of the Parentkind nationwide scheme. If for any reason the manager is unaware of our scheme please ask them to contact Andy Milne (07587 886315) who is Parentkind's account manager. Andy will resolve any issues promptly so that you can be issued with your card and shop that day. Print out the confirmation letter to take with you when collecting membership cards for new accounts.

What address should I use when registering?

Please use the school/PTA address rather than your home address. Booker and Makro will typically deliver orders to the address used when registering.

How do I complete the Booker registration form?

Under 'Your Details':

  • Is this registration for: select 'New Business'
  • Owner's Name: Your personal name
  • Business or Charity Name: Name of PTA/parent group
  • Type of Business: Catering
  • Business Sector: Education
  • Customer Classification: Scout/Society/Associations
  • GB Vat Registered: probably 'no'
  • Charity Registered: 'yes' or 'no' depending upon status
  • Are you licenced to sell alcohol?: probably 'yes'

Under 'Address':

  • Property Name or Number: School's name
  • Postcode: School's postcode

Under 'Contact Details':

  • Use your personal contact details

I am not a member of Parentkind, can I still register?

The Booker account and simplified registration is only open to members of Parentkind. If you would like to take advantage of this offer but are not a member, please first speak to our membership services team who will be happy to talk you through the wider benefits of joining. These include:

  • Up to £10 million public liability insurance for fundraising activities
  • Member Support Line (0300 123 5460) for queries during business hours
  • 24/7 unlimited access to PTA Expert, the go-to resource for PTAs
  • Fast track charity registration
  • Legal guidance on PTA issues
  • Charity Commission-approved Model Constitution
  • Website packed with up-to-date information and a directory of trusted local suppliers.

What type of products do Booker/Makro sell?

Booker/Makro stock a huge range of products, which should ensure it's the one-stop-shop, whatever your event. Choose from a wide range of:

  • Frozen and fresh meats and fish
  • Frozen and fresh vegetables, chips and sides
  • Desserts and ice creams
  • Chiller cabinet: cheese, milk, spreads, sandwich fillers
  • Condiments, sauces, pickles and chutneys
  • Beers, wines and soft drinks
  • Snacks, biscuits, sweets and crisps
  • Disposable plates, cutlery, table cloths, plastic glasses and paper cups
  • Cleaning and hygiene products

What purchases are available for sale and return?

All products that don't come from the fresh or frozen areas. Please note that all products returned should be suitable for sale. This excludes:

  • Cases of beer or wine that have been opened
  • Products where the labels have been damaged or the seal or packaging broken.

Please feel free to speak to your branch manager who will be happy to help with any questions and advise of typical order volume for events.

What if I am already registered with Booker/Makro but I can't find my customer number?

Please re-register and your application will be treated as if you are a new customer.

Can we have more than one membership card?

Yes, you can. When collecting your membership card from your local branch can you can ask the branch manager to print up to 3 additional cards. They will all be registered to the same customer account.

Can I take advantage of special offers at Booker/Makro?

Yes. All in branch multi-buys and discounts apply.

Can I take my children in to the store?

You can take children in to any branch of Booker/Makro, but be mindful that, as a cash and carry business, fork lift trucks and machinery are regularly used and may be on the shop floor. Please therefore make sure that your child is supervised at all times.

Do I need to pre-order large volumes of meet and fresh produce?

Booker/Makro carry large volumes of in-house stock, however, it is advisable to contact the branch manager if you require specific items. The local in-house butcher will be happy to advise on volumes, cuts, retail mark ups and cooking times/methods.

Will Booker deliver my order for me?

Deliveries are managed on a branch-by-branch basis and typically have a minimum purchase requirement of £150 per delivery. Please contact your local branch manager to arrange. Delivery will be made to the registered address (school) and you should ensure someone is available to accept the goods and help with unloading.

Can I use another branch of Booker or Makro?

When registering for your account you will be allocated your nearest branch of Booker or Makro as you home branch. Typically your home branch is where you would go to change any of the account details. You can visit any Booker or Makro branch in the UK.

Booker Account Administration

What if I am due to stand down from the PTA?

Hand on the account card to a new or retained committee member. Otherwise, include the account card in the handover pack put together for the new committee.

How do I change the main point of contact on our Booker account?

The lead contact on your account can be changed at any time by the reception desk in your local branch. Please note that Booker/Makro will e-mail and post regular special offers and in-shop deals so it's important to ensure these are going to the right recipient.

In both instances, please also notify Parentkind.

Who from the PTA is eligible to go to Booker/Makro and use the card?

Your wholesale account is registered under the name of the PTA with a lead contact name and number. The card can be used by any committee member, parent or teacher assisting your PTA.

What do I do if I have lost my card? Can I still go to the shop and purchase?

We advise keeping a copy of your customer number written down so if your card is lost, your local branch will be able to issue you with a replacement. Please speak to the reception desk in any branch. Booker/Makro will confirm you are a registered customer and you will be able to shop that day.

Can I still shop if I have left the account card at home or another committee member has it?

Yes. When arriving at the store please ask the reception desk to log you in. You will then be able to shop as normal.

What do I do if our account card is stolen?

Please contact your local branch who will be happy to issue a replacement.


Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint in the first instance please raise this with your local manager who will be happy to help. If you are not satisfied or they were unable to assist please contact Parentkind with the full details via Parentkind will seek to address any legitimate complaint directly with the Booker management team. Please include all relevant details including, store location, dates, the nature of your complaint, what steps have been taken already to resolve it and your contact details.

How do I find out who my local store manager is?

Store managers' details are available via

I can't find the answer I am looking for.

If your question has not been answered in these Q&As please e-mail and they will respond within three working days.

Terms & Conditions

Booker (Makro) terms and conditions apply and are available to view during step one of the account opening process on the Booker website. In addition, by registering your Booker/Makro account details with Parentkind, you are agreeing that Booker and Parentkind may exchange data for the purposes of administering the scheme. Anonymous information which may include purchasing history or browsing patterns, which is purely statistical, may be used in aggregate form and cannot be used to identify you. Typical information of this sort may be, '40% of our PTAs purchase Pimms in May'.

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