As part of Parentkind’s membership offer Parentkind is introducing membership insurance provided by Zurich Insurance plc. It is ongoing for all Parentkind members and you will be covered from the day you join. The policy has been set up by Zurich Insurance plc so that protection is there when your PTA needs it most.

Membership to Parentkind automatically includes Public Liability insurance of up to £10 million to cover your activities including fireworks, parties and bouncy castles (please see Zurich Insurance plc policy summary for limitations and conditions). Whether you run a full calendar of events or two discos a year, as a PTA you have a duty of care to ensure that your association has adequate insurance cover in place. If a child is hurt, or the school damaged, then it is the committee which may be held financially responsible. Crucially, local authorities require all third parties using the school site to have Public Liability insurance.

With almost 60 years’ experience supporting and advising PTAs, we have worked hard to introduce a Parentkind membership insurance policy with an insurer who will cover you for most typical PTA events and activities.

What's included in your PTA Insurance Policy:

 Insurance Jargon

Plain English

Parentkind benefit?

Material damage – all risks

Covers the PTA’s property or property which the PTA is responsible for, from damage caused by insured events such as fire, theft, accidental damage, storm or flood.


 Business Interruption

Cover provides financial compensation for additional expenditure following a claim under the Material Damage section, such as having to hire additional equipment which had been stolen for a planned event.



Covers the theft or damage of the PTA’s money, such as from safes or whilst in transit.


 Public liability

Covers you and your volunteers helping you in respect of your legal liability for costs and expenses arising from injury to a third party or damaging their property, i.e. a member of the public.


 Employers liability Covers you in respect of your legal liability for costs and expenses arising from injury to your employees, members or volunteers.  Yes
 Personal accident cover Provides an agreed financial benefit in respect of PTA an Employees, member or volunteer following death or disablement arising from an accident and/or an assault at a PTA event.  Yes
 Deterioration of Stock Covers stock which has become unusable following the breakdown of fridges or freezers.  Yes
 Financial and  Administrative Liability Cover provides
  • Protection to your PTA if your activities cause a financial loss to a third party
  • Crime covers financial losses resulting from direct losing of money or property, computer fraud including hoax emails, theft of funds by fraudulent transfer and forgery.
  • Protection to directors and trustees of the PTA from financial loss claims made against them personally as a result of the members decision.
 Trustee Indemnity Trustee indemnity insurance protects charity trustees (committee members) personally from any claims made against them arising from their failure to act in a proper manner in their role as a trustee or committee member. This would cover damages and legal costs, but any illegal act or deliberate negligence cannot be insured against. Yes 

Cover is subject to the usual policy terms, conditions and exclusions

If you would like further information about the Parentkind Membership PTA Insurance please contact Parentkind at 0300 123 5460.

What next?

If you are a Parentkind member then nothing. You can rest assured that we will continue to remind you of seasonal insurance concerns and update you on anything that changes.

If you are not a Parentkind member, join now to get immediate PTA insurance coverage and a range of other valuable benefits. Feel free to contact our Member Support Line on 0300 123 5460 with any questions you may have.

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