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Managing your PTA

Be confident on how to run your association with information on everything from having a constitution, to meetings, finances, spending funds, insurance, problem handling, and much more. If you’re just setting up, learn about committee roles, types of PTA, having an AGM and setting up a bank account too.

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Committee roles and responsibilities

Find out more about the key elements of the structure of the association.

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How to have a happy handover

Make it as easy as possible for new committee members to know where to find things and who to inform of committee member changes.

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What is a constitution and do we need one?

This is the document that details the rules and regulations by which the association should be run and is often called the governing document. Parentkind encourages all PTAs to have a constitution and offers a best practice model for PTAs. For more information about becoming a member of Parentkind here

Who can be a committee member?

Anyone who falls into the membership criteria, as defined in the constitution, can put themselves forward for a committee role. They have to be voted into position, rather than appointed.

We are struggling to replace committee members, what can we do?

You need to meet the minimum committee member requirements as per your constitution. However, you may be able to have a smaller committee and share the workload until a new committee member can be elected. Read out information sheet here to find out more.

What's the difference between a PA, PTA, PSA, PTFA and a Friends Association?

The type of association is defined by its membership and this will be set out in your constitution. Usually, the automatic members of a parents association (PA) are the parents, guardians or carers of children attending the school. In a parent teacher association (PTA), parent staff (PSA) or home-school association (HSA), it is parents, guardians or children, plus teaching and non-teaching staff currently employed by the school. In a Friends group or parent teacher friends association (PTFA) it is as described previously, and any person over the age of 18 wishing to offer appropriate support or help and who is accepted by the committee as a member.

Should we have model policies for our association?

The committee can decide to use model policies to run alongside their adopted constitution. See our templates here.

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