How to promote your PTA

Spread the word!

What is the purpose of a PTA? 

Before you start sharing the great work you’re doing in your school and local community, you need to decide what that great work is going to be. Your PTA needs a purpose; a catchy phrase that you can add to everything and explains to people when they ask what the PTA does. Make your purpose emotionally and rationally engaging, and you’ll be on to a winner. Here’s a few ideas from other PTAs to get you started:

To make children’s school experience better.”

To support the school and surrounding community.”

To raise money for the fun things.”

To bring together a community.”

To enhance our children’s learning.”

To build a community spirit.”

To help make the school the best it can be.”

What is the benefit of marketing for my PTA? 

If you and your PTA team have some great ideas, but have hit a stumbling block with how to recruit the volunteers and raise the money to bring these ideas to life, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a toolkit of resources to help you share your activities with the school community, and give you ideas on how to approach local media and businesses. 

People ask What’s the benefit of our PTA?’ – What should I say?

One of the best ways to show the difference your PTA makes is to demonstrate your impact. Other PTAs have shared how they’ve made an impact:

We purchased iPads for each student in Year 6.”

In lockdown, we were able to provide food parcels to families in the community.”

Our school now benefits from an outdoor classroom.”

I love hearing how much fun children have in the new playground!”

We hired an ice cream van for the last day of term so that every child could have an ice cream.”

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