Parentkind takes the personal information of all of our suppliers and customers very seriously. We are committed to fully complying with data protection regulations in the UK, here’s some of the headlines of what we are doing to keep your data safe.

Our IT Security

We have invested heavily in making sure your data is secure.

We don’t store your electronic personal data at our head office, we use highly secure data centres. Primarily this is looked after by 3 businesses which no much more about IT security than we do.

  1. Most of your data is stored on Salesforce. Salesforce is a CRM/​Database with one of the best security records in the world. We make sure only our staff and the companies that support our systems can access this. These companies are Winona and GiveClarity.
  2. Our inbound email and file storage is based at a heavily defended data centre in Maidstone, our IT is looked after by a professional IT company we employ to keep your information safe. They are called Akita.
  3. Our electronic newsletters are handled by a system called Dotmailer, who have highly audited Microsoft servers.
  4. Our payment systems are handled by a company called iATS and if you pay by direct debit, SmartDebit. Both have very secure systems.

Our approach

Our approach is to only ask for, use and retain the personal data we need. When we don’t need your personal data anymore, for example you tell us you no longer are associated to a PTA, we will delete the records or anonymise them and remove all of your personal data.

We won’t keep paper records for longer than we need them.

Our team

Our staff team have been trained on data protection and our approach to personal data. We will continue to train and retrain our staff so we can meet high standards of processing and protecting your information.

Data Protection Law

We are committed to being compliant with all UK and European data protection law, including GDPR by 25th May 2018, You can read more about our commitment to GDPR compliance here.

Because we make decisions about how the personal data is treated and managed when you or your association passes it to us that makes us a data controller. One exception is if you use the document storage area on our website. In this area, we do nothing other than store your data, therefore we are a data processor. You as a PTA, may wish to sign a data processing agreement with us to meet your obligations as data controller. Please download here, sign and return with your PTA membership number to [email protected] where necessary.