Summer fair stall ideas

Unsurprisingly summer fairs were the most popular and most successful event among PTAs last year. By combining a great mix of stalls, games, entertainment and refreshments, you’ll have the perfect recipe for a successful fair (fayre, fete, fun day or festival!)

If you need some extra inspiration, our Facebook community have shared the highlights of their summer fairs last year so here’s a list of the most popular and interesting ideas.

New and popular ideas

  • Fairy garden making – create a fairy door for your garden, a fun crafty fundraiser for both children and parents to enjoy.
  • Fidget spinner or Lego card swap stall – set up a stall to sell and swap the latest craze, it’s sure to be a hit!
  • Golden bucket or 50/50 raffle – decorate your ‘golden bucket’ and encourage people to buy a ticket for £1 as they walk around. Make a random draw at the end, half of the money goes to the winner and half towards funds raised at the event.
  • Playing card prizes – lay prizes out on top of a deck of playing cards (you may not need them all), with another matching deck people can pick a card and win the prize it matches with.
  • Prize central – people can collect tokens or stamps on games and swap them for prizes of different values at your main prize stall, a good way to get kids returning to games to win bigger prizes (and it helps reduce the amount of plastic prizes on offer too). Download our free prize card resource.
  • Rainbow tombola – each class is given a colour, and then the children are asked to donate a new item of that colour before the event. At the stall, people can pay to draw a raffle ticket to win an item.
  • Slime – still as popular as ever. Ask a volunteer to make up loads of slime to sell, the kids love it (parents questionable). Check out our slime recipe for inspiration.
  • Washing line game – a new take on the lucky dip. Prizes are pinned to a washing line (in bags, envelopes, clothes pockets or cardboard cut-outs of clothes) and people pay (50p for example) to choose one. Include vouchers for other stalls to encourage more foot traffic.

The classics that never grow old

  • Bar and BBQ – many groups told us they just couldn’t beat the profit from their bar and BBQ on the day. Some have branched off from the traditional summer punch to include speciality gins, craft beer and prosecco.
  • Raffles – these can be done in many ways including big prizes, hampers of donated goods, barrow of booze, 50/50 etc.
  • Tombola – always a popular fundraiser. Gather donations through own-clothes days (chocolate, bottles, or teddies for example) and make sure you have plenty of people to man the stall.
  • Water in to wine – before the event you’ll need to ask for wine bottle donations as well as empties. Fill the empties with water and wrap all the bottles up in paper. On the stall people will pay to choose a bottle at random (don’t forget to label the winning/losing bottles so they can be identified when opened!)

These ones need a little less explanation:

  • Beat the goalie
  • Coconut shy
  • Crockery smash
  • Face painting – try using biodegradable festival glitter.
  • Hook-a-duck – consider hook-a-bag as an alternative with recyclable paper bags (no need for a paddling pool either).
  • Lucky dip
  • Plant sale – in the lead up to the event kids could have a go at growing plants in school.
  • Sand art
  • Second-hand sales – toys, uniform etc.
  • Soak a teacher/throw a wet sponge
  • Tin can alley – swap balls for nerf guns or ask the teachers to create frightened faces to print out and stick on the tins (one PTA called this Teacher Topple).

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