Teacher strikes — February 2023

With the biggest teaching union, the National Education Union, announcing that its members would be striking on several days in February and March, we sought parents’ views on planned strike action in England.

Key findings 

  • 63% of all parents said that teachers should receive a pay settlement in line with current inflation (the figure is 60% if we exclude those parents who work in a school)
  • 54% of all parents support teachers planning to strike in response to proposals for a below inflation pay rise versus 40% of all parents who oppose strike action (excluding parents who work in a school the figures are 49% in support of strikes versus 40% opposing strikes) 
  • 83% of parents said the proposed strikes will cause disruption to themselves and/​or their family (no difference if parents working in schools are excluded)
  • 46% of all parents agree with the government’s proposal that schools must ensure a minimum service level is maintained for teachers to be allowed to strike whilst 35% of all parents disagree with the proposal (50% excluding parents working in a school agree and 32% disagree)

Our methodology 

Polling was conducted between 26th — 31st January 2023 through social media. 1,213 responses were received from parents. Of these, 226 work in a school.