What's Next? From Family Learning to the PTA

What is Family Learning?

Schools have changed a lot since many of us were pupils, and it can be difficult for parents to keep up with what goes on in the classroom and what our children are learning. 

Family Learning courses help to address this knowledge gap by bringing parents into the classroom after school hours, along with their child, and introducing them to what their child is learning at primary level and the teaching methods that are being used. The courses usually run for ten to twelve weeks, and the benefits for parents include:

  • they gain an understanding of what their children are learning and the teaching methods used in the classroom
  • they increase social interaction by meeting and getting to know other parents
  • they increase their own skills and knowledge as well as empowering themselves to help their child at home.

Family Learning courses are run in many schools throughout England. To find out if there is a course at your school and how you can sign up, contact your school directly. The courses are usually run by employees of the Local Authority (council), and you should be able to find more details about the courses on offer on your LA's website. 

Why did we make this video?

When we discovered that many parents who take part in Family Learning courses later join their PTA as a way to stay involved at school and put their new skills into practice, we knew we wanted to do something around it. So we worked with Leicestershire Adult Learning Service to create a film about some of these parents.  Watch it below.


Our video follows the journeys of four adult learners who have stayed engaged at their school after their Family Learning courses came to an end. The arc is always the same: being active in school life increased their confidence, and their involvement benefited not only themselves but their children and family life too.

Some of the parents have gone on to be committee members of their PTA, several have trained to become learning support assistant, and one will soon qualify as a teacher.  

We'd love to hear from Local Authorities who are keen to work with us to promote the film to their adult learners as part of their Family Learning courses, and fill out a short survey to gather feedback, ultimately helping more parents be a force for good in more schools.  Email us on [email protected] if you'd like to find out more.

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