What do PTAs spend their funds on?

Caroline Capon
30 September 2019
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At the start of the new school year, PTAs often start raising funds for a new project, but deciding what's needed isn't always straight forward. We asked Membership Services Administrator Caroline.

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Stay active this autumn!

27 September 2019
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As the days grow shorter, stay healthy and entice your family to keep exercising and enjoying fresh air, however tempting it may be to hibernate indoors!

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A new Code of Professional Conduct and Practice for teachers and support assistants

11 September 2019
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Hayden Llewellyn, Chief Executive of the Education Workforce Council (EWC) explains why all parents should read the revised Code of Professional Conduct and Practice for education practitioners in Wales.

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Keeping it all in perspective

The Private Parent
06 September 2019
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I had vowed over the weekend that I would be prepared. I’d get my daughter's uniform ironed and ready. I’d get up earlier to prepare breakfast. I’d get to school on time to find a parking space less than a mile away!

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Staying engaged at school when time is short

Ruth Lowe
23 August 2019
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Think you don't have the time to get involved in school? Think again... When you're a working parent, your time is limited and it can feel like there is little opportunity to socialise. I know from personal experience, it can therefore be difficult to have anything left in the tank to dedicate to your child's school or even just connect with other parents there. However, I believe it's well worth carving out some time as even a few minutes a week can make a big difference to you and your school, and be enjoyable too!

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