Welcoming new families to your school community

05 June 2019
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Reaching out to families when their children start school is a great way to demonstrate what your PTA is all about. Here are some ways you can help new parents learn about what you do, and feel inspired to join in.

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Parents: what to do if GCSEs nerves are getting to YOU

Michelle Doyle Wildman
30 May 2019
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A few years back, when I tried to get some of my more 'mature' mum-friends to come out in the evening, they told me they couldn’t. Because of GCSEs. GCSEs? Why does that mean they can’t leave the house? Now that I am the one with a teenager going through it, I finally understand. 

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11 family activities for May half-term

02 May 2019
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We've nearly reached half-term and the summer months are in sight, we've got 11 bright ideas for having fun and unwinding during the school holidays.

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Surviving Year 6 SATs

The Private Parent
23 April 2019
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SATs are coming and in our house we've agreed not to talk about them any more... for now!

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What is a PTA Constitution and why do you need one?

Clare Jenner
17 April 2019
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Many of the questions we hear on the Member Support line and see on social media can be answered by understanding your PTAs governing document, also known as your Constitution.

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