Millions of pounds for PTAs, Parent Councils and Schools

We’re thrilled to be able to update you about a top-secret project we’ve been quietly working away on this year….

A unique opportunity for PTAs, Parent Councils and Schools to unlock extra funds

Our new fundraising campaign, with our top-secret retail partner, offers a unique opportunity for PTAs, Parent Councils and Schools to unlock extra funds and lets shoppers raise money for the state primary school of their choice with little to no hassle – as long as their PTA, Parent Council, or School is signed up to participate. 

That’s where you come in!

For your PTA, Parent Council or School to get involved with this incredibly exciting funding opportunity, we only need a few details from you at this stage – fill in the form below so we can get back in touch with further information. 

Already part of Parentkind’s PTA membership community? Please log into your account and make sure your Chair, Treasurer and Secretary’s details are up to date and opted into emails so that we can ensure a smooth process when the next stage of the project is launched.

What happens next? 

We’ll be in touch in the coming weeks to collect bank details from you, so we’re able to deliver your funding to you once this becomes available to access. Then, in the autumn term, we’ll be able to give you more details about our partner, the opportunity and what you can do in order to increase funding for your school.

A little bit about Parentkind 

Parentkind is a UK charity on a mission to empower anyone in a parental or educational role to improve the life chances of children, young people and their communities.

Parents have the biggest influence on a child’s enjoyment of learning and can help them reach their full potential. But all too often parents aren’t recognised as vital partners in education, nor do they get the support they need to make a difference.

Parentkind helps to bring parents, schools, and policymakers together by:

  • Supporting parent volunteer committees to raise funds for their school and enrich the learning experience for young people.
  • Championing parental involvement in education, both at home and in school, by providing parents with information, practical resources, training and guidance.
  • Developing tools to help schools assess how parent-friendly they are and take steps to improve.
  • Giving everyone in a parenting role a voice in education. We invest in representing parent views on their child’s learning to local, regional and national governments and campaign for societal change.
  • Conducting The National Parent Survey, Britain’s biggest parent poll, to collect the views and opinions of over 5,000 parents.

Parentkind’s fundraising mission 

School budgets are under more pressure than ever, with many schools reporting a lack of investment in addressing major issues including SEND, school buildings and attendance, and 57% of primary schools say that balancing the budget is currently their top challenge. Schools themselves are experiencing acute inflationary pressures, whilst also feeling the need to respond to the effect the cost of living crisis is having on their populations – 45% are offering free breakfast, 31% are providing financial support with uniform costs, 22% are offering foodbank services and 15% are offering income and benefits advice to families. 

In this climate, enhanced opportunities and upgrades of facilities and equipment are simply not able to take priority.

In the last decade, Parentkind members raised more than a phenomenal £1 billion to contribute towards their school communities, enabling pupils to benefit from opportunities which go beyond the school’s statutory responsibilities: improved educational materials, school trips, outdoor learning areas, playground equipment, libraries, IT equipment and much more. Alongside their financial contribution, they played a vital role in bringing families and teachers together and building a thriving school community.

Through our fundraising team, we’re exploring ways to get even more vital funds into the hands of PTAs, Parent Councils and Schools. We’re seeking funding from larger trusts, foundations, philanthropists, Government sources and others, to help our members deliver even more support for schools.

As a federated charity, we offer a unique opportunity for national donors to support education at scale. As such, we have made a significant investment into fundraising, and are raising millions of pounds annually to supplement member income. It is our hope to raise more monies for our member body than we receive in membership fees by 2027.


Yes absolutely — this opportunity is open to both PTAs and schools that don’t have a PTA alike. At this time, please register your interest even if you don’t have a PTA, and we’ll be in touch with more information on next steps in the coming weeks.

Yes, absolutely. This opportunity is open to all fundraising Parent Councils, PTAs and schools in Scotland. At this time, please register your interest and we’ll be in touch with more information on next steps in the coming weeks.

As we will be distributing funds to your PTA, Parent Council or School, you will need to register with us. We’ll need you to confirm/​add your PTA or school’s bank details in order to deliver the funds to you. Please register your interest and we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks to collect these details from you.

This specific opportunity is only available for state-funded primary schools in the UK, but we provide opportunities for all types of schools outside of these and are actively working to provide similar opportunities to all. Please register for our Parent or Schools eBulletins here to get the latest news.

Yes, all-through schools are eligible for this funding, please register your interest and we’ll be in touch with more information on next steps in the coming weeks.

Our retail partner is providing millions in funding, so this can be a very lucrative opportunity for your PTA or school. Plus our retail partner will be running a huge campaign this autumn, to help drive shoppers to support your school and we will share a promotional toolkit with you, so that you can also tell your community how they can help.

The activity will run from September to the end of November. You can expect to receive any funds raised for your PTA or school in your account in the 2025 Spring term.