Why are we partnering with Booker?

We have been working hard to bring additional benefits to our PTA members and one of the most frequent requests from our previous member surveys has been access to a local wholesaler.

Booker Group, which includes Booker and Makro stores nationwide, is an award-winning provider selling the widest selection of products you could need for your events. In addition to gaining access to great products and prices, we have also been able to negotiate free delivery and sale or return on non-perishable items.

Benefits for our PTA members

  • Access to wholesale prices for all of a PTA’s catering and event needs
  • Free delivery on larger orders
  • Sale or return. (Products must be returned in original packaging suitable for resale)
  • Access to in-house butchers and staff who can advise on catering for events
  • Easy registration process (no need to provide documentation VAT numbers, charity numbers, bank statements or utility bills)

How to apply

1. If you don’t already have an account with Booker:

Please register at booker.co.uk for both Booker and Makro accounts.

All you will need is the following:

  • PTA/​school name
  • PTA/​school address
  • If your PTA is a registered charity, your charity registration number
  • Your name and e‑mail address and telephone number(s) as lead contact point

Once the registration process is complete your registered details will be provided on screen along with your 9 digit customer number (available to print via PDF).

We will update our records to add you to the scheme so that you can begin enjoying all the benefits of this offer. 

You will then be ready to collect your membership card at your local branch (which will be indicated in the confirmation). Please note that whilst the confirmation asks for further documentation such as a utility bill or bank statement, as a PTA member, no further documentation is required.

2. New to Booker, or already have an account with Booker? Register your details with Parentkind

Register your details with us here (PTA and personal contact details, plus your 9‑digit Booker/​Makro customer number) so that we can update our records and include you in any future special offers.

Any questions?

Visit the Booker/​Makro Q&A page to find out more.

Inclusion in the Parentkind Supplier Directory is based on the recommendation of at least one PTA or voluntary organisation that has used the supplier’s services and does not imply any recommendation from Parentkind. Parentkind disclaims all liability for any loss, damages or expense whatsoever and howsoever arising under any arrangement or contract made between a company included in the Parentkind Supplier Directory and any PTA. It is strongly recommended that all PTAs take their own precautions before entering into any arrangements or contracts with such companies.