What is a PTA?

First, let’s start with the basics. What is a PTA?

A PTA is a group of volunteer parents and teachers who work together to make their school a better environment for children to learn. They raise extra funds through a wide range of fun and creative initiatives, events, and much, much more. They are also known as HSA, PA, PTFA, Friends of, or better still, Superheroes!

What difference does a PTA make? 

Our PTA members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland contribute an amazing £120 million to the education of our children and young people. That’s right — £120 million each year.

The average PTA (our PTA members are anything but average!) raises £9,000 each year to pay for things that school budgets cannot stretch to. What could your school do with £9,000?

Top tip!

It doesn’t take long to start making a difference. Since three mums started Friends of Hewett Academy in Norwich in September 2019, the group has raised over £150,000 through grant fundraising. One of the founding members, Rebecca Atkinson said:

The help we got from the PTA [Community] Advisers at Parentkind has been invaluable – getting started, adopting a constitution, getting access to Grants4Schools – we couldn’t have done it without them.

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Our experience of working with over 12,500 PTA members has demonstrated that a PTA’s impact shouldn’t only be defined in terms of fundraising success. A PTA’s value is significantly more extensive than this, and might also include building the school community, and breaking down barriers to communication.

PTAs can massively improve the life of a school community, and positively influence the education system. Post-pandemic, there has never been a more urgent time for parents to come together for the benefit of their children and their school. We are here to make the process a breeze for your PTA.

And guess what…you could be part of it! 

Whether your PTA is part of a primary, post-primary, secondary, MAT, Independent, or SEND/SEN school, in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, we have experience, insights, and resources to suit your individual PTA needs.