Get involved

Parents being involved in school life helps children do better in school. Here are all the ways you can get involved.

How can I be more involved? 

Children do better when their parents are involved in their learning and being actively involved with the school brings other benefits too. You’ll build relationships with key staff members, get an inside view of the school and meet parents of children in different year groups who’ve been in your position previously.

There are lots of ways to get involved at school and while it can seem like one more thing to do, especially when you’re busy, it doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time. Even giving a few hours a month can make all the difference. 

My son loves that the teachers and headteacher know me because I’ve been involved in activities. It also makes me feel less intimidated if/​when I need to speak to the teachers.

You could…

  • Go to a PTA meeting (if the school has an active group) to find out what they do and how you can take part. Activities vary but typically they’ll organise social events and clubs for the kids and raise funds to pay for additional equipment and activities. PTAs are invaluable to schools and every child benefits from their fundraising efforts. 
  • Offer practical help, such as listening to children read, assisting on trips or providing an extra pair of hands to paint a wall or clear a vegetable plot.
  • Become a Parent Governor. This is a really important role often elected in and acts as a voice to parents on the school board.
  • Think about skills or specialisms you could offer to the school or the PTA. Fundraising, finance or marketing knowledge are just some of the things that would be welcomed. You don’t have to sign up to the PTA, they will welcome ad hoc advice and support too.

New connections

Build a really positive home-school partnership from day one and you’ll reap the rewards as your child moves through the school. Teachers can often only hear from parents if they have an issue – so connecting with the staff on positive matters too is good for relationships too.

It’s also much easier to be able to relate to what your child says at home if you’ve met the people they’re talking about. Make an appointment to meet your child’s teacher in the first couple of weeks so you can get to know them. Schools want a good relationship with parents and families and they can advise you on what’s expected of your child (and you) over the first few months.

Also, if you have a good relationship with school staff it’s so much easier to sort out any issues that crop up. Teachers are people too and they will appreciate your support.