18+ After school or college

After the age of 18 your child has even more options to choose from. As well as staying in education at university or college, they can combine work and study with an apprenticeship or training scheme, volunteer or take a gap year, or choose to go straight into employment.

What’s right for your young person will depend on their situation and the career or job they have in mind but we’ve rounded up the options, plus details of financial assistance and other support, so you’ve got all the information together.

Continuing education 

Most people associate this option with university and a degree, but it could be a technical course or even retakes, depending on your child’s exam results. 

Get straight into work 

If they’ve already got experience or a specific career path in mind your child could get a job, secure an internship or even start their own business. Putting together a good CV and knowing how to conduct themselves in an interview is key. 

Combine work and study 

This option allows your son or daughter to earn while they learn — earning money while working towards a qualification that employers need. 

Financial and other support 

Finances shouldn’t be a barrier to your son or daughter fulfilling their potential, or their ambitions. Find out more here about the advice and support on offer. 

Building skills 

Success in the world of work is about more than just academic results. Employers are increasingly looking for soft or life skills such as the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems and work as part of a team.