Your PTA should have a constitution. This is a document which establishes the fundamental rules by which the PTA is governed and describes: -

  • the aims of the PTA and its powers
  • its membership
  • the size of the committee and how members are elected
  • the need for an annual general meeting and independent examination of the accounts

Parentkind members in England and Wales can adopt our Charity Commission approved Parentkind Model Constitution. This comes with the added benefit of fast track charity registration.

We also have a Model Constitution for PTAs in Northern Ireland, which is accepted by the Charity Commision for Northern Ireland. 

Both model constitutions reflect current good practice and have been adopted by many thousands of successful PTAs, throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. A constitution will help the PTA by giving everyone involved an understanding of the parameters within which the PTA will work and clearly defining the aims of the association.

It is good practice to adopt a constitution when you start your group, or as soon as you can if you discover that your association does not have one.

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