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Donna Hill
14 August, 2019 : 10:30
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To help you get set for an exciting start in September I've put together a handy PTA checklist. Try splitting up and sharing the tasks across the committee:

1. Welcome new parents
When children are enrolled at the school, parents automatically become a member of your association but how they choose to be involved is up to them. Welcome meetings (or similar events) are a great opportunity to demonstrate the value you add to the school, meet new people, and attract volunteers at a time where parents feel welcomed and are keen to learn more.

2. Have a handover
Make sure outgoing members handover important information to make it an easy transition. Think about everything the new members will need to keep the association running smoothly e.g. bank account details. See our handover checklist as a useful reminder. Remember to finalise your accounts and tie up any loose ends before handing over to a new committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3. Organise your AGM
Make sure you’ve got everything you need to run an effective AGM and get people along – pick a time most suited to the majority of your members (not just the committee) or combine it with another event. Check out our guide on everything you need to know about AGMs.

4. Update your details
If your committee members have changed, make sure to let us know so we can communicate important information and new membership benefits. You can easily update details on our website (steps to do this can be found in our guidance: role of the Parentkind key contact). Alternatively give us a call or email with your new information. Also remember to update the Charity Commission and change bank signatories too.

5. Learn from last year and discuss new ideas
It’s a good time to think about what went well last year, what feedback you got, and what you’d like to do again. Get everyone together to discuss and make some decisions to help you start planning. Canvas members for new ideas and then get them to help out.

6. Fix dates in the diary
Agree your major events and, after consulting with the school, you can fix important dates in the diary right at the beginning of the year to save any clashes with school and local community events. This avoids any problems down the line. It's also a good idea to fix your PTA meetings for the term to give maximum notice.

7. Consider a wishlist
Did your association have a wish list last year? Think about all the things you set out to fundraise for and what was on the list. If there’s anything you didn’t achieve you could consider it this year. You could also approach the school and parents for fresh ideas.

8. Stay covered
Make sure you’ve got the right licences and insurance in place. Take a look at our Advice Hub if you’re unsure on what you need. Parentkind members – don’t forget, your membership includes insurance provided by Zurich Insurance Plc and you’ll find policy details and FAQs in your account when you log in.

Have a great September and beyond, we’ll be right there with you!

Our blog is a place for a range of opinions and debate on parents and their role in their schools and their children’s education. Whilst we think this debate is really important, we don’t always agree with the views being expressed.

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Donna Hill
Membership Services Administrator, Parentkind.

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