Welcome back! The Covid edition

Clare Jenner
08 September, 2020 : 14:26
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With the return of all children to school, PTAs are probably wondering what they can do to kick-start their fundraising activities for this school year.

What to expect

We know the last few terms have been very unusual for everyone and our PTAs have all reacted in different ways. Some have paused activities entirely to focus on their own families and home/work life, and some have continued to operate and fundraise. It’s been great to see all the interesting and innovative ways that PTAs have been able to bring the school communities together to support each other in these strange times. 

As a committee, you will probably be keen to get the PTA up and running again but with the return to school there are some new guidelines to consider. You may find your school want to start slowly, and PTA activities may not be their priority. Your first step will be to talk to the school. Find out how they are feeling and what they will need from you before they are ready for PTA events to start again at school. You could also consider asking your members what they would like and what they are prepared to help with – there is no point organising an event with no helpers or attendees. You may choose to start with some non-event fundraising.

What can you do?


If the school will let you use the school for events, the capacity of the venue will dictate how many people you can have. All guidelines, including any local restrictions, must be adhered to. If the school won’t let you have an event, you could look at other community venues such as a village hall or sports pavilion.

If you aren’t ready to hold any gatherings just yet, there are lots of other options to consider like:

  • Virtual events e.g. a quiz via Zoom (look out for all information on our new Big PTA Quiz 2020)
  • Online donations can be managed via PTA Events  
  • Online shopping sites like easyfundraising 
  • Community events like a scarecrow trail or safari trail 
  • Looking at grant opportunities
  • Maybe you don’t want to hold events just yet, so make the most of this time to make sure all the admin is up to date, take some online courses with Educare; or attend one of our new webinars. Keep an eye on our newsletters and Facebook pages for more information.
  • Activities like the 5p challenge or make/break the rules days could be activities you still run within school time! Speak to your school to see what they think?

Any fundraising at the moment is going to be tricky because many people’s jobs have been affected and there’s a lot of uncertainty around, so when you talk to the school, find out if there’s anything specific they want you to fundraise for. If members have a target to raise funds for, it may help.


Many PTAs change committees in the Autumn term, so you will need to think about your AGM.  The Charity Commission advise that you can hold this virtually as long as the committee have agreed to this.  We have an information sheet on how to hold your meetings, including the AGM, via Zoom.

Risk Assessments

You will already be doing a risk assessment for all your events, and there is now a requirement to make sure you consider all COVID restrictions and how you will manage them as part of this. We’ve got an information sheet to help you with this, but you should also check the government advice and make sure you adhere to any local restrictions too.

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