How to use your PTA Events website for online donations, online events, sharing your news and more!

Shula Farnie
29 April, 2020 : 14:31
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Members have been asking whether it’s possible to set up a donation page on their PTA Events website. For those of you that still want to raise some funds for future projects and activities, the great news is you can! We've put together a step-by-step guide to help you.

We appreciate that, in this current situation, raising funds may not be a priority for your PTA or Friends association, so don’t forget that you can also use your PTA Events platform to communicate with your members, update your news pages and maybe even try some stay at home games, competitions or a virtual quiz.

If you haven't registered for your PTA events website yet, you can find out more and register here.

How to create a donation page on your PTA Events site

1. Log in to your PTA Events Site

2. Click on Admin >> Events >> Add Event

3. Fill in the boxes for your Event

  • Name – 'Donation for (whatever you are raising for)' – this makes it clear to your parents what the donations will be used for
  • Type – select ‘DONATION’ as your option
  • Purge Data Date – if this is to be ongoing you need to ensure you put a long date in here so that data is not removed too early. The date you enter is the date that all data will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.
  • Sales Dates – make sure you enter dates for the Event and dates for the sales of your donation product. If you do not enter a sales date the Donation page will not appear on your Main Shopping Page.

4. Add Event

5. Once the event has been created go to Admin >> Events >> Select your Donation Event >>Manage >> Tickets/Products>> Add Product

6. Fill in the boxes for the product

  • SKU – enter a unique number that will be the product code for you donations to help match up purchases on your reports
  • Type – You must enter ‘DONATION’ as your option
  • Price – enter the suggested donation – your parents will be able to increase/decrease the amount to suit their own finances
  • Stock Quantity – put a high number in here so donations can continue to be made You do not need to display the sock quantity or quantity sold unless you really wish your parents to see this

7. Add Product

8. At the Checkout process your customer will be forced through the Gift Aid declaration



Other brilliant things you can do with your PTA Events page

Add a fundraising thermometer

You can add a fundraising thermometer to your PTA Events page, keeping your members informed of how their support is helping you to reach your target.

1. Go to Admin >> Settings >> Fundraising and fill in your target, current total and description of how the funds will be used. This will then appear on your homepage.



Use your News Feed to communicate with your community

You can add a message to parents and carers, teachers and other members of your community, including links where needed.

Click on Admin >> News>> Add News. Enter all the relevant information and update. The news will then appear on your home page.


Let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear about any events you run!

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