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Jayne Thompson
26 March, 2020 : 11:44
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In the surreal times that we find ourselves, parents are grappling to absorb the news of the pandemic upon us, and the news that children have been sent home from school until, most likely, the new academic year, (apart from those of frontline service providers, whose children will still attend school but only to be supervised).

Parents now have a new worry – how are we going to replace teaching in the classroom?

In Northern Ireland we have been having these talks with parents and teachers, and teachers have repeatedly told us that parents do not need to worry about delivering teaching, the schools will guide pupils with their learning, and each school has published how they can be contacted for further support. Teachers are more keen that parents continue to support their children’s learning and encourage good routine including learning time on a daily basis. Some of the schools we have spoken to have created some bitesize videos to help parents support learning at home.  

One of these schools was the Model Primary School Enniskillen, you can hear from the Y7 teachers as they explain google classroom where they upload work each day for their pupils and then mark and return this feedback. One of the Y4 teachers explains how parents can reinforce the learning the pupils have been doing over the last month by working on money and change. She explains how they’ve been learning and asks that parents that use every opportunity to support encourage the children think money and change.

The Y6 teacher and Literacy Coordinator is keen to encourage parents support reading at home.  Again, she explains how parents can do this beyond the child sitting with a book.

Please note, the guidance in this videos is directed at pupils of the Model PS, but many elements particularly the reading guidance, will be useful for every parent.


Video 1: Y7 teachers at the Model Primary School Enniskillen explain how they are continuing to support their pupils learning with google classroom and how parents can support this.  While I was in the school, the teachers were continuing to monitor the work the pupils were doing online at the time and they have shared a little insight to this piece of work in the video: 


Video 2: One of the Y4 teachers in the Model Primary School Enniskillen uses the video to encourage parents to reinforce a piece of work they have been working with pupils on for the last few weeks.  They have been working on money and change and the teacher explains how to support the counting process at home.  


Video 3: The Y6 Teacher and Literacy Coordinator at the Model Primary School Enniskillen explains how parents can support their children’s reading at home and check for the child’s understanding of the story they have read.  


If you’re a teacher and you have some helpful tips for parents we can share, please contact editorial@parentkind.org.uk


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Jayne Thompson
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