6 cracking spring fundraisers

20 February, 2020 : 14:41
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We’ve been on the lookout for springtime ideas that are egg-cellent PTA fundraisers – here’s half-a-dozen egg-stra fun activities we think you'll love!

1. Cress headscress head

If you're looking for a really simple, really cheap craft activity for your Spring Fair, this is perfect. Ask kids, parents and staff to save up egg shells (and wash them!) for you a few weeks before the fair, then all you need is some cotton wool, cress seeds and felt pens.

2. Bunny hunt

This might sound like it’s just for primary schools, but we bet older kids would get a kick out of it too. Have someone (preferably a teacher) dress up as a giant bunny and hide in various locations around the school throughout the day. Kids need to make a note of when and where they spotted the bunny. Pick a prize winner from all the correct entries.

3. Fancy eggsharry potter eggs

Why not run an egg decorating competition like Parentkind member Bulwell St Mary's PTFA? 

We spotted Sam Buchanan's fab cel-egg-rity photos on Facebook and got in touch to find out more. PTFA Co-Chair, Wendy told us "This is the first time our new committee has organised the competition. Each child was invited to submit a hand decorated boiled egg to be judged and the winners were presented with a prize at their assembly." And their top tip for anyone planning a similar event is... "Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the odour!"

4. Bunny hop

The little ones love this fun sponsored activity. Hire a bouncy castle for the afternoon and count the jumps. Parents and friends can sponsor the children per bounce (you might want to put a time cap on it - some kids will go on forever!) Why not try your hand at bunny face painting for the children after they’ve hopped.

5. Egg and spoon race

What’s not to like about a good old egg and spoon race? We do enjoy the jeopardy of using real eggs, but if, understandably, you don’t want the mess, why not give the kids instructions for papier mache eggs to make at home and bring in for the race. It’s a good idea to make a few spares.

6. Egg-speriments

There’s loads you can do with an egg that will astonish and amaze! Set up an egg catwalk – yep, it’s a thing - and have the kids take turns walking up and down on the eggs (have a few spares to hand, there’s bound to be the odd casualty). When each child in the group has had a go, ask them to think about how it works and give them a certificate with an explanation on the back. You’ll find all the details of the egg walk and more in our eggy science blog.

For more spring term event ideas, head to the Parentkind member's Advice Hub

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