National Offer Day nerves?

The Private Parent
01 March, 2019 : 10:13
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Today is National Offer Day, and like thousands of other parents, I will be finding out which secondary school my daughter will attend come September.

I am wondering if I should feel nervous or anxious, but to be honest right now I am in the midst of the usual morning battle of getting the kids up, making breakfast and getting out the door to school, and just don't have the time to worry. Maybe the nerves will kick in later, once I have some time to think, but I doubt it. I am fairly sure we will get our first choice, which is not the norm in my neck of the woods.

Let me explain: I live in grammar school central. We knew fairly early on that grammar schools would not be the best choice of school for our daughter as they are all single sex and a mixed school would be a better environment for her. Our primary school is a feeder school and we meet many other entry criteria, so we should be fine. My daughter has also had a chance to do a holiday club in the school recently, some of her friends will also be going (fingers crossed) so is she actually quite excited about the prospect of moving up to secondary school. So at the moment, that is the feeling in our house- a buzz and excitement about something new about to start. Let's hope it stays that way.

Good luck to all the other mums, dads and carers out there awaiting the results today. Be it excitement or nerves, by tonight we will hopefully all at least know what we are facing!

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