PTA dads take centre stage at Marshgate Primary School

PTAs England
16 June 2023

Marshgate Primary School Parent Staff Association (PSA) represents a diverse, multi-cultural group of parents based in Richmond, London, and like many PTAs, they were determined to reintroduce themselves into the school setting following a long absence of activity during the pandemic.

In January 2022, the committee was chosen. Before being appointed, new chair Tom said, I don’t want to believe that in a school of 400-plus children, we can’t find a few parents who can help.’ After four parents came forward, Tom held a meeting to detail his vision for the PTA as a team where every key decision is taken collectively. 

We believe what makes us rather unique is that we have more dads (five) than mums (three)!” — Tom P, PTA Chair. 

The new committee represented all year groups, from Reception to Year 6, which helped them ensure activities were adaptable and appealing to both younger and older children. They noticed that, even though many do drop-off and pick-ups, dads were rarely involved in their events, so the PSA made the ask for more involvement. 

As a result, their Mother’s Day bake sale could give the mums a break,’ as it was manned solely by dads! In addition, new activities for their summer fair included Beat the Goalie (featuring dads as goalies), and a barbecue fit for kings. 

Aiming to be more inclusive, they also introduced a series of diverse new fundraisers to the calendar, including events like their Flavours of the World’ bake sale, a book bazaar, a family magic show, and an animal experience. These activities could appeal to everyone, regardless of background, and the PSA encouraged all families to take part. 

Overall, the PSA is thriving thanks to this team of super-dads’! Tom says, One year on since we were elected, we hope we have made everyone in our school feel welcome!’

We believe what makes us rather unique is that we have more dads (five) than mums (three)!”

Tom P, PTA Chair